Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nature's Solace

I soared through the heavens and savoured the sights
Through silvery moonlight that coloured the night
I danced with the stars and sang with delight
Of the endless beauty and miracles of life

I sat against the bark of a lonely willow
Gazed at the sheep that grazed the meadow
Dipping my feet in the waters a shallow
I closed my eyes with hope for tomorrow

I waltzed with the breeze that brushed through the woods
On top of the mountains gaily I stood
I swam in the river spoke deep with the clouds
Mother Nature’s children that make her proud

Found peace in the rivers, mountains, night sky
Solace in the breeze that swept me up high
With pictures forever in my mind’s eye
Any day and happily could I surely die

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

I soared through the heavens...(