Friday, 12 July 2013

Two for Joy

Betrothed to one and loving another
Breaking one heart to win the other
Gold on one's finger, hope in one's heart
Lying his way through deception's path

A river of tears and fears that pierced
Emails and smileys, sweet love songs that cheered
Raised voices, cold silence and dark nightmares
Promises, praise and pictures shared

"Good morning sweet, can't wait to see you"
"You're paranoid woman, just can't believe you"
"Angel take care stay with me forever"
"I'm fed up of this just do whatever"

One packed her bags said its time to leave
He begged her to stay went down on his knees
With soft words seduced the other to play
From his double game he did not sway

Winters and summers sun setting on youth
One confused mind escaping the truth
He sat on the fence part man part boy
Thought one for sorrow but two for joy!

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

Artist: Bonobart (