Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Forever More

When did we stop holding hands like before
Why don't you look in my eyes anymore
Where did our carefree laughter go
Who have we become, and why ever so

You and I run this race each day
To feed the kids there's bills to pay
A struggle with chores and battling 'today'
But why did we lose each other halfway

Wrinkles and pains our hair's turned grey
You stoop a little do I wither away
There's so much silence with little to say
Responsibility's storm blew our sunshine away

Soon comes a day for our kids to leave
In a house full of memories, we'll silently weep
An empty nest and each other to please
With time in our hands and time to ease

Then will you hold my hand like before
Bring me flowers, sing love songs once more
Fill this hollow with true love's glow
Look in my eyes and say 'forever more'

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

By Vickie Wade (www.