Thursday, 20 June 2013

Love's Lapse

The sun breaks in and morn birds sing
Darkness fades yet sorrow stings 
A bare bed stares and cruel fate grins
At my bleeding heart and silence that kills 

The hands of time creep in weary strides 
The hours do weigh like steel they strike  
Solitude strangles a heart once blithe 
As my mind of plight does cringe with fright 

Though far away your voice keeps me sane
And your shadowy face in moments to wane 
Trapped in gloom as I solemnly wait 
Mutely I whisper sweet hope's name 

Love is binding love is might
In its lapse life be dark as night 
Yet love is selfish love it spites

An impish sprite you dare not fight 

© Kamalika Jayathilaka