Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Old Stately House

The old stately house on the rolling hills
With its walls of sadness roof of thrills
Stood solemnly still in the northerly wind
That swept away its owners’ sins

The cold stone floors now old and faded
Cracked and mostly housed the rodents 
The windows creaked and doors they pleaded
To lonesome spirits that often retreated   

Old torn pictures in a cardboard box
Blended old memories grey from the dust
Nameless faces and faceless frames
Hung from walls that once saw fame

The old stately house of a hundred years
They say it birthed a million fears
And melted down a river of tears
That gave it names that hardly cleared

The house of fears muffled in shames
One cold night engulfed in flames
Took tears, secrets, all it contained  
They say its glow lit vast terrains

© Kamalika Jayathilaka