Sunday, 3 August 2014


Where birdsong beckon a new day's dawn
And faint naked footsteps stain unkempt floors
When old pots rattle and tea mugs are poured
Dust laden windows but languidly yawn

Where sweet sticky rice and jaggery tastes divine
Bananas overripe entice passing flies
A cacophony of stories and laughter combine
With more sips of tea over the Sunday Times

Where grey clouds cry their rain heavy eyes
And monsoon's flames light the bellowing skies
Where mute birds wait in the jasmine vines
As dark miry waters down tired hills decline

Hissing oil in pans and smoke fired eyes
Ants in the treacle and treats stacked in piles
Love served with smiles and awakened old ties
It's where my heart lies this sweet home of mine

© Kamalika Jayathilaka 2014