Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Every rose in bloom has its thorn
For every right there will be wrong
As silence acquiescence there's blaring scorn
Those born to life in time will be worn

In laughter's glory sad tears roam
For every pleasure there's pain forlorn
As rays of sunshine there'll be black storms
For all life's joy there's sadness to mourn

Where there's victory there's certain defeat
Beneath feats of honour disgrace does sleep
On every truth grim lies silently feast
For all life's hopes are oft slain by grief

For every rainbow will surely fade
In vast blue skies dark clouds are made
Behind sweet summer harsh winters do chase
In true love's bliss there looms bitter hate

© Kamalika Jayathilaka 2014


Sunday, 3 August 2014


Where birdsong beckon a new day's dawn
And faint naked footsteps stain unkempt floors
When old pots rattle and tea mugs are poured
Dust laden windows but languidly yawn

Where sweet sticky rice and jaggery tastes divine
Bananas overripe entice passing flies
A cacophony of stories and laughter combine
With more sips of tea over the Sunday Times

Where grey clouds cry their rain heavy eyes
And monsoon's flames light the bellowing skies
Where mute birds wait in the jasmine vines
As dark miry waters down tired hills decline

Hissing oil in pans and smoke fired eyes
Ants in the treacle and treats stacked in piles
Love served with smiles and awakened old ties
It's where my heart lies this sweet home of mine

© Kamalika Jayathilaka 2014

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lady Cascade

Lady cascade in your cold satin frills
You collect rainbows beneath frowning hills
Your soft misty breath that kisses the trees
Brings birds a singing in blissful fleets

From dawn to dusk you dance in grace
Awaiting the silver moon’s embrace
Your laughter echoes across the meadows
Summons moon fairies from behind the shadows

The sun your father he beams at your poise
Pride of your mother you fill her with joy
Your sister stream and your brother the breeze
They all surround you and make time freeze 

Lady cascade how I wish I could stay
Lie on the grass and adore you all day
But dark city streets do beckon me away
With you in my heart I leave if I may

© Kamalika Jayathilaka 2013

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Forever More

When did we stop holding hands like before
Why don't you look in my eyes anymore
Where did our carefree laughter go
Who have we become, and why ever so

You and I run this race each day
To feed the kids there's bills to pay
A struggle with chores and battling 'today'
But why did we lose each other halfway

Wrinkles and pains our hair's turned grey
You stoop a little do I wither away
There's so much silence with little to say
Responsibility's storm blew our sunshine away

Soon comes a day for our kids to leave
In a house full of memories, we'll silently weep
An empty nest and each other to please
With time in our hands and time to ease

Then will you hold my hand like before
Bring me flowers, sing love songs once more
Fill this hollow with true love's glow
Look in my eyes and say 'forever more'

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

By Vickie Wade (www. etsy.com) 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Tunes on the Streets

Bobby Day and his mongrel Minnie
Sat on the sidewalk to earn a penny
A good ol' song, a tin can for money
For worldly possessions he had not many

Ellie played guitar at the next street corner
No one stopped they all rushed past her
Fingers on string they strummed even faster
For a cup of tea to make herself warmer

The ladies and gents of wealth and gentry
Whisking past in a race to plenty
High street glamour and all its pleasantry
To this side of life they had no entry

Dry bread for lunch more scraps for supper
At McDonald's they watched the young ones cluster
The fat, the starch the sugar then the doctor
Diabetes for them and for others just hunger

A hundred wars, disasters world over
Recession they say is the latest tormentor
Two pounds for a child and three for a tiger
But the tunes on the streets go on for longer

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

Art by Geoffrey Palmer (www.innsbruckacademy.org)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nature's Solace

I soared through the heavens and savoured the sights
Through silvery moonlight that coloured the night
I danced with the stars and sang with delight
Of the endless beauty and miracles of life

I sat against the bark of a lonely willow
Gazed at the sheep that grazed the meadow
Dipping my feet in the waters a shallow
I closed my eyes with hope for tomorrow

I waltzed with the breeze that brushed through the woods
On top of the mountains gaily I stood
I swam in the river spoke deep with the clouds
Mother Nature’s children that make her proud

Found peace in the rivers, mountains, night sky
Solace in the breeze that swept me up high
With pictures forever in my mind’s eye
Any day and happily could I surely die

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

I soared through the heavens...(www.etsy.com)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Two for Joy

Betrothed to one and loving another
Breaking one heart to win the other
Gold on one's finger, hope in one's heart
Lying his way through deception's path

A river of tears and fears that pierced
Emails and smileys, sweet love songs that cheered
Raised voices, cold silence and dark nightmares
Promises, praise and pictures shared

"Good morning sweet, can't wait to see you"
"You're paranoid woman, just can't believe you"
"Angel take care stay with me forever"
"I'm fed up of this just do whatever"

One packed her bags said its time to leave
He begged her to stay went down on his knees
With soft words seduced the other to play
From his double game he did not sway

Winters and summers sun setting on youth
One confused mind escaping the truth
He sat on the fence part man part boy
Thought one for sorrow but two for joy!

© Kamalika Jayathilaka

Artist: Bonobart (http://quotesandart.com/)